Affordable eco products for all.

At Green Steps, all our products are affordably priced. By taking in lower earnings ourselves, you get to save money on daily essentials AND do your part for the environment at the same time. Why do we do this? Because we’re not in this for the money; we’re here to protect our earth and build a caring society.

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Affordable doesn’t mean low quality.

When something is affordable, we tend to think it is a low quality product. But at Green Steps, our products are carefully sourced and personally tested. We only sell things that we use ourselves. You can therefore be assured that our products are effective and made to last.

How we keep things affordable

We are able to offer low prices because we take less earnings for ourselves. Also, every part of Green Steps – from our website to packaging – is done by us. Operational costs are therefore kept to a minimum, which lets us give you these high quality eco products at rock-bottom prices. It’s hard work on our part, but hey, it’s worth doing.

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We support literacy in Vietnam

10% of our profits go to Lotus Community, a not-for-profit English library that we’ve been running in Vietnam since 2015. By buying our products, you not only save money and protect the earth, but also help Vietnamese children pick up the good habit of reading books.

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Meet the team

A big “hello” from Andrew and Trang! We are the husband-wife team behind Green Steps. Many people say we are foolish to underprice our products. But we know this is the right thing to do. If earning less money can encourage more people to protect our earth, then we will gladly make that sacrifice.

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