Fun facts about soap nuts

A photo of a soap nut tree branch with soap nut fruits hanging from it

Oh, the wonders of soap nuts! We already know that soap nuts are amazing eco-friendly cleaners and are an affordable alternative to chemical detergents. But I bet you don’t know the following fun facts about soap nuts. We ourselves were surprised when we first found out!

Without further ado, we present to you 10 fun facts about soap nuts.

  1. The soap nut is neither soap nor nut. In fact, it is actually a berry. The only thing soapy about these berries is that they hold amazing cleaning powers.
  2. Neither fossil fuels nor chemicals are used to grow soap nuts, or to process saponin extractions – essentially no energy is required.
  3. The soap nut is part of the lychee family.
  4. It takes 9 years for the soap nut tree to begin yielding fruit after germination but once it starts producing, it can be harvested for a whopping 90 years. That’s nearly a century in total!
  5. The nuts can be collected six months of the year, meaning you can get around 540 abundant harvests throughout its lifetime. That’s a lot of soap nuts!
  6. The soap nut tree does not need any pesticides or spray agents to keep insects at bay, because insects already avoid this tree due to their toxic containment of saponin.
  7. The soap nut tree does not require the most fruitful of soils and can grow in poorer, lesser quality ground.
  8. Soap nuts are hypoallergenic. They won’t trigger any allergies, including nuts since as mentioned before, they aren’t even nuts.
  9. Soap nuts are 100% biodegradable and excellent for composting. They don’t leave any waste.
  10. Soap nuts act as a natural fabric softener that leaves your clothes incredibly soft feeling.

Aren’t soap nuts amazing? When you put all the facts about soap nuts together, you’ll realize that using soap nuts as a cleaning agent is our solution for a sustainable future. Ultimately, soap nuts are good for our health, light on our pockets, and safe for our planet. It’s hard to beat that combo!

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