Shampoo fruits instruction booklet

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  • What are shampoo fruits?
  • Why use shampoo fruit?
  • Shampoo fruit liquid recipe A
  • Shampoo fruit liquid recipe B
  • How to wash hair with shampoo fruit liquid
  • Storing shampoo fruits and liquid

What are shampoo fruits?

Shampoo fruits are raw fruits. Its scientific name is Gleditsia Australis Hemsl, but it is more commonly known as “Bồ kết” in Vietnam. You can use its flesh to make hair shampoo and hair conditioner!

Shampoo fruits are natural hair growth promoter agents in many commercial shampoos. The seedpods contain up to 10% saponins. They can be used as a soap substitute and are the basis of popular hair shampoos.

Shampoo fruits are a natural and environmentally-friendly shampoo given from our Mother Earth. If you are new to shampoo fruits, give it some time to work: at least 1-3 months, so you can see the effect (your hair needs time to get accustomed to not using a commercial chemical shampoo).

Why use shampoo fruit?

Because it’s good for our environment! Chemical detergents are harmful and pollutive. But with shampoo fruits, you do our Earth a big favor. Because shampoo fruit liquid is made from 100% natural fruits.

Also, by using shampoo fruits, you protect yourself and your family from all the harmful chemicals. Truly! Shampoo fruit liquid cleans and beautifies our hair naturally. Vietnamese people have been using shampoo fruits as their shampoo of choice for generations.

This excellent shampoo not only helps us remove dirt and puts us in a relaxing mood, but is also great for those who have trouble with hair-loss and dandruff.

Recipe A: brewing method

For one-time wash:

  1. Prepare 2 – 3 roasted shampoo fruits. Break into small pieces. Rinse with water to remove dirt. Prepare any herbs or fruit skin of your choice (*)
  2. Put all in a flask or tumbler
  3. Fill in 1L of boiled water (or until your flask is nearly full)
  4. Cover, brew overnight or two nights
  5. Before using, filter the shampoo fruit liquid to remove sediment

(*) Holy basil, lemongrass, mulberry leaves, lime leaves, pandan leaves, mint, rosemary, orange skin, pomelo skin, essential oil of your choice, etc.

Recipe B: boiling method

For multi-time washes (2 weeks use):

  1. Prepare 50g roasted shampoo fruits. Break into small pieces. Rinse with water to remove dirt
  2. Put all in a pot with 1.5L of water
  3. Once boiling, lower fire and simmer for 20 minutes
  4. After 20 minutes, put in any herbs or fruit skin of your choice (*), boil 5 more minutes
  5. Let the liquid cool down. Filter shampoo fruit liquid to remove sediment

Use the boiled fruits and repeat 2 more times with 1.5L of water each time. For each wash, use about 300 ml of shampoo fruit liquid.

How to wash hair with shampoo fruit liquid

  1. Prepare shampoo fruit liquid in a basin or sink. Top up with more warm water till full. You may need a cup for this method of washing hair
  2. Wet your hair totally with water
  3. Soak your hair in the shampoo fruit liquid
  4. Gently lather and massage your scalp all the way to the tip of your hair with your fingers and palms. Do not use your nails
  5. Keep doing this for 5-10 minutes
  6. Rinse your hair with water till you feel clean and fresh. This should not take too long. About 2-5 minutes will do
  7. Use a towel to partially dry your hair. Then switch to fan or hair dryer until your hair is nearly dry

Storing shampoo fruits and shampoo fruit liquid

Shampoo fruits: Store in dry and cool place away from direct sunlight; preferably in an air-tight container if you want to keep up to a year. You can also store them in the fridge or freezer.

Shampoo fruit liquid from brewing method: Should use immediately after brewing

Shampoo fruit liquid from the boiling method: Store in a covered bottle in the fridge. Keep up to 2 weeks. Remember to label the bottles so as not to confuse them with other food.

4 thoughts on “Shampoo fruits instruction booklet

  1. Eileen says:

    Can I grind the shampoo fruit into powder n mix with soap nut to wash hair?

    Pls advise yr soap nut, 500 gram, does it come with seeds or just the skin?

    • Trang says:

      Dear Eillen,

      Thanks for reaching out to us!
      Yes, you can grind the shampoo fruit into powder. Actually, that’s way even better!
      You can mix soapnut with shampoo fruit, but shampoo fruit will still have to be the main ingredients.
      Let say every 50 gr of shampoo fruit, you just add in abt 2 soapnuts.
      All out soapnuts are already seedless (seeds removed)

      Thank you. Hope you find it helpful!^^

    • Trang says:

      Dear Stephanie,

      With the boiling method, shampoo fruits also can boil 3 times then discard. You can follow the printed instruction inside the package or refer to the instruction above for more details. We always update the instruction if we find a better way.^^

      Thanks again for reaching out to us!

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