The man behind the humble Loofah

A photo of Mr Nhan, the person who brought Loofah to the mass market in Vietnam

People often think of the Loofah as something ugly. But to Mr Nhan, the pioneer who brought Loofah to the mass market, the Loofah is the perfect natural material to make products for everyday use.

Mr Nhan’s relationship with the humble Loofah began 20 years ago, when he was just a teenager. One morning, Nhan was helping his mother wash dishes with Loofah, when he observed that the Loofah has a particularly unique structure. So an idea came to him: Why not I make a hairpin out of Loofah to give to my friend?

Nhan then collected the Loofah, soaked the fibers, cut it, then dyed it. After several failures, the first Loofah hairpin was born. Nhan recounts the memory with excitement: “My friend liked the hairpin. I liked it too. Then other friends found it interesting and asked me to make gifts out of Loofah for them.”

That was when Nhan decided to open his shop selling products made of Loofah, from key chains to bags and even dried flower arrangements.

“In the early days, I injured myself so many times and ruined so many designs that I’ve lost count,” Nhan shared with a grin. But thanks to his perseverance, and desire to make natural and safe products for consumers, we are now able to use products made of Loofah – a natural, eco-friendly material that is good for us and the earth… and affordable too!

The farmers who grow Loofah are also thankful to Mr Nhan, who has helped elevate the humble Loofah of Vietnam to a material of value. So when you purchase a Loofah product, you also contribute to the livelihoods of the people who work tirelessly to grow and harvest the Loofah.

At Green Steps, we are glad to be partners with Mr Nhan, a person who genuinely cares for people and the earth. By supporting the Loofah industry, we can bring about a better future for our families and future generations. Let us work hand-in-hand to bring about positive change to our world.

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