The only “R” you need to know

A note with the words "Less is more"

Rrr… what?

In our younger days, the green movement had Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Today, we have Repair, Refuse, Renew, Remove, Rethink… and the list goes on and on. This causes a lot of confusion, especially since there’s no way we can remember and apply so many “Rs” in our daily living.

That’s why we’re here to help you. The solution is simple. There’s only one “R” that you need to know, and that would be REDUCE.

Why? Because among all the Rs, reducing our consumption of things is the most effective way to protect our earth. For example, by choosing not to buy a bottle of mineral water, we do the earth a much greater favor than if we were to recycle that bottle afterwards.

Less is more.

Applying “REDUCE” in our lives means buying only essential items, and doing away with unnecessary products. Whenever you are faced with a purchasing decision, ask yourself “Am I going to be in severe distress, harm or inconvenience if I do not buy this item?” If your answer is no, then don’t get the item.

Buying only what you truly need = Less purchases overall = Save on materials and energy used to make the items = A happier earth and a better future for all of us.

This is why at Green Steps, we only source for items that you and I truly need to use on a daily basis – such as laundry detergents and dish sponges. Likewise, we do away with non-essentials like straws, even those labeled as eco-friendly.

Less is more. Start reducing today and see the positive changes that this “R” can bring to your life.

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